Small afFORDable sport car

Not all customers want or can afford a GT40, but would like a small, fun, daily driver sport car. It should start with a basic simple unit like the old Austin Healy or even the Mazda and be easy to upgrade or special order. I'd love to see it with a I-4 Ecoboost engine, 6 speed manual transmission, and some good comfortable sport seats, a/c, power windows, door locks, radio/CD. It should be great on gas mileage and fun to drive.
Lewis C 02/12/2014
So essentially, Ford's answer to the Brz/Frs/86 right? I agree, this would be a pretty nice thing to see... as long as they use a manual transmission.
Thomas G 10/15/2013
Tom G No, I'm thinking smaller ie, the Mazda Miata. In So. Cal. there are hundreds of them on the freeways as commuter cars for all ages but the Miata's I've been around are noisy and smelly (like old sports cars) and I'm envisioniing a "refined vehicle" to enjoy the commute in. The next step would be to add a V-6 to this to create a muscular roadster in this category.
Patrick W 10/12/2013
+1 on the Fiesta ST!
Alan F 10/10/2013
I think you just described the Fiesta ST and Focus ST.