I have had vans for the past 30 years but a couple months ago bought a Ford Explorer Limited.  Love it but it would be perfect if not for two things.  I am used to loading my car with incidentals before entering to drive.   I just slide the passenger door on my side and voila, put my purse and etc on the back seat.  Not even possible with regular doors.  I pick up my gals for golf I pull up, slide open their doors, they have their arms loaded with golf necessities, and pop the back is convenient and considerate. 

Also, one of the passenger seats can be moved back and forward for adjusting leg room but not the one behind the driver is stationary and not much leg room at all.

How about a class on how to operate all the bells and  whistles.  My last car i had for 12 years , a van,  no bells and whistles available then like there  are now and I am very frustrated teaching myself something I didn't even know existed.  and that touch screen with messy finger prints?  there has to be a solution to that.

I love my new car but if you came out with sliding door we would buy 2. My husband will not give up his van now after seeing the inconvenience of my Explorer.  He is about to buy a new Chrysler Town and Country and I can't blame him, he  is a realtor and he really needs that kind of door for all that he gets into the car with.   Please take this into consideration.