Sliding doors on an SUV

I'm proposing the idea of an SUV with sliding back passenger doors similar to those on a mini-van. I think of moms and families who aren't into the transition to a mini-van but need the convenience of sliding doors, perhaps hands free to get car seats and children in and avoid kids and themselves swinging doors open and dinging the vehicle in the next spot over. I think this is a great idea for the convenience of a family friendly vehicle without having to make the transition to the mini-van. I personally do not have a family yet and I would definitely go for a vehicle with this added convenience!
Alex 05/31/2014
Bring B-max to the US of A. It fits a lot of the criteria.
john 05/06/2013
that is what I am looking for!!! I wish they made a mini-van that could pull a boat. Or a SUV with sliding doors to get the kids in and out of tight parking spots or when you hands are full.
Ron 03/22/2013
It would only work if certain design elements were in place: flat rear quarter panel (no "flared" wheel wells or curves), high rear roof line (no slope), fixed windows (no power roll-down), and it would require a long section behind the door opening wihtout any barriers (eg, protruding bumper, gas fill). The design would look too much like a minivan and it wouldn't appeal to most SUV buyers who are trying to get away from the minivan image.
Courtney S 11/09/2012
Ford does make this...its called the Grand C-Max. Its only sold in Europe. I email Ford about the possibility of releasing this in the US. So far, I was told no.
summer d 08/01/2012
I have searched and shopped for two years for an SUV w/ sliding doors. I'm baffled that auto makers have not made this option available. It seems they would be racing to be the first to get this to market. It would be the perfect design and solution for my family. I would be the first in line to buy!
Dawn Baker 05/12/2012
I wish i could find an SUV with 3rd row seating, AWD and a SLIDING DOOR! Why is this all over the internet and no one has made one yet?
Caroline 02/29/2012
Please! Ford! Make a large SUV with sliding doors. I want 4WD, sliding doors, and an SUV/sporty frame with 3rd row seats. Why hasn't anyone done this yet?!
Jeremy Jakary 02/01/2012
Love this idea....please ford....make the Explorer with sliding doors. Thanks!
Kelly Madry 01/21/2012
The Mazda5 is a crossover type vehicle that offers sliding doors, but in my opinion it looks more like a minivan than an SUV. I wish there were more options for an SUV with sliding doors and easy access to 3rd row seats.
Cheryl 12/29/2011
I agree with Renee. I'm searching the web for an SUV with sliding rear doors. I want something more stylish than a minivan. SUV's are more appealing. Maybe the sliding door could be an option.
Renee 05/07/2010
I'm not proposing a might have a slightly different picture in your head than I do. I feel a minivan has a different look compared to an SUV (maybe just my opinion), and sometimes longer with more rows of seating. I'm picturing taking the SUV just as it is and adding sliding doors rather than doors that open out.
Andrew Pirkola 05/06/2010
Just to be clear, what you are proposing is a minivan.
I'm still for it though.
Steve Miller 04/28/2010
I agree. When I park 2 cars in my 2.5 car garage, I have to be careful to oversee the kids' use of conventional doors, not to ding the other car.