sliders for Flex

One of the drawbacks to the Flex is that it should of had sliding doors which would of made it easier to get in and out of. It's taunted as being a "soccer mom" car but, all the soccer moms seem to be driving mini vans for this exact reason. Not only would it make it more versatile and practical but, more profitable.
Trace B 03/25/2012
absolutely agree with this idea, I feel like a broken record every time my kid get in or out of explorer. "watch the doors". The flex with sliders is a perfect solution. I th0ink the marketing folks are afraid of it being hit with a mini-van status though.
Cory Keller 02/02/2012
I always thought sliders would be great on the Flex. We have a 2010 Flex and it has huge rear doors and we always worry about the kids banging the doors. We also have a Windstar and love the power sliding doors.
Isaac Johnson 02/01/2012
But the Ford Flex isnt a mini van. I think it would look extremely weird if a Crossover had sliding doors.