Six passenger sedan

I like to have the capability of carrying six passengers in my sedan. I do not like the idea of having to go to a crossover, SUV or mini-van to get six passenger seating.

With front wheel drive the floorboard in the front seat could be level all across the car and allow a bench seat that would hold three people.

The six-passenger sedan would be a more economical way to carry six people than the larger and heavier crossover, SUV or mini-van.
Johann S 07/27/2013
Also, agreed that a 6 passenger sedan (wagon too) would be easier on the gas, lower "corporate fuel average," easier to get in/out of, and be a lot more fun to drive than an Suv.
Johann S 07/27/2013
Utterly agree. The split bench seats were by far the most comfortable design. Since a majority of family sedans are only offered with automatic transmission front wheel drives, the center tunnel is mostly wasted space. The exhaust doesn't nearly need as much of a hump, allowing for a center seat. It wouldn't be that hard to include a wider front passenger airbag either.
Richard K 02/25/2013
The floor shift is a cheaper way of making a car: the floor shift does not require a lot of linkages to connect to the transmission, a column shift does. I require a 6 passenger sedan with column shift - nothing else.
PCL 09/11/2012
There is another reason to prefer 6 passenger models; the center console is an annoying presence, constantly hitting my right knee. I miss the spacious feeling of the cars with a split-bench seat and no space-hogging plastic box on the floor. Column and dash-mounted shifters are also a little closer to the other controls and more within reach; I've always considered floor-mounted automatic shifters a pretentious ego-boost for people who wanted the world to think they could drive a stick-shift.
Dave J. 04/03/2011
The Chevy Impala offers a 6 pass option @ a very affordable price. Ford, etc. need to get on board with this idea. Cheaper price tag and cheaper @ the pump than the SUVs, Crossovers, and all the other $50k, gas guzzling land ships out there. You'd think in these bad economic times, there'd be a heck of a market for this.