short bed for the supercab

i used to be able to select a 5.5 ft bed with the supercab, this is no longer the case, except for on the Raptor which is way to expensive and unecessary for a daily driver/work truck. i only want this to be offered as an option, for ease of parking and turning circle and maneuverability. if this was still an option i wouldn't have to worry if my "new truck" would fit in my small garage or not or in the last parking spot at work, or At the supermarket. please bring this option back.
Cock B 10/07/2013
I second this idea.  I cannot fit my brother's crewcab five and a half foot bed (same length as supercab six and a half foot bed) in my garage, and as such cannot buy an F150.  I really want to go Ford though.