To compete with Toyota, GMC CANYON etc. I think you should make the Ford Ranger in various trim levels again. I personally like the crew cab. You cannot force all into the 150 who do not want that big a truck.. If you do not I would buy the TOYOTA TACOMA CREW CAB TRUCK
phil 06/23/2013
I think they should make the Ranger look just like the F-150's, just smaller. Kinda like they do with the Expedition and Explorer. Make a crew cab version also, and put in the turbo-charged 3.5 V6 that's in the F150. They'd be a huge hit.
PAUL L 02/26/2013
I have a 2007 Ranger sport with a manual transmission and I get around just fine in Alberta winters. I wish they were still made.
James K 12/30/2012
I agree with the Ranger comment. As in another post, I've dumped lots of money into my old Ranger. 1990 Extended Cab. Keeping that thing. Another great reason is the Manual Transmission.