Sell Focus Wagon in US

By Bill B.

My 2005 Focus Wagon has been perfect, after 110,000 miles and eight years, nothing has broken or needed repair. Toyota and Honda could do no better. Now the 2012 Focus is outstanding, with many features I wish my car had. If the Focus wagon is offered in the US, I would buy one straightaway. Please bring those estates or kombi's here! Thank you.
lynne k 11/11/2013
I own a 2006 Focus wagon and I love it!! I would buy a new Focus today if it was offered in a wagon. I hope I will not have to go VW to get a new car/wagon.
Margaret R 06/28/2013
I'm with Bill B. US drivers deserve the Focus Wagon. As an owner of a 2005 Ford Focus Wagon, I do not want to upsize. Please do not drive your loyal Ford Focus Wagon owners to other brands to find small wagons. A small wagon is NOT an SUV. The economics of the small wagon are not negotiable - better gas mileage and more reasonable pricing. Your market is talking here. Listen up! or lose our business.
George D 02/17/2013
There are a number of disconnected streams questioning why there is no American edition of the Forn Focus Wagon. THe favorite comment I saww was where Ford said " Get an Escape". Like the people who drive a Focus want an SUV. Once again marketing trumps sense.