Self Driving Cars

By John M.

If Ford doesn't have the patents, technology, and know-how to make fully self-driving cars in 10 years, I would have serious concerns about Ford's viability as a manufacturer.

Driving in cities has become a hassle, not a pleasure. Which is why everyone is monkeying around with technology while driving in congestion. The car has become a utility device in many ways for many (though not all) people, not a toy or fun.

Which means, in a congestion riddled future, I want a car that can do as much of the driving as possible. And I may even want it to drive itself on long roadtrips too. There will only be minor times when I actually would want to do the driving.

And I expect many of your customers will ultimately feel the same way.

In addition, the productivity gains (and safety / lives benefits) from a self driving car far outweigh the additional costs of the technology at a mass production level. So if you want to beat the competition and help American win the economic battles of the future, Ford needs to invest very very heavily in the technology required for cars to become fully automated.

I'm sure you're already working on this. But the sense of urgency at Ford around this should be overwhelming, if it isn't already.