self driving car

what is Ford doing to ensure that they are pioneering self driving cars? Google has been working on this. This is not a novelty trick. Self driving cars would reduce accidents, reduce road rage, increase senior citizens and handicap peoples independence, eliminate drunk driving, help all commuters across the world to be able to get things done safely while going to work. It may seem too complex to tackle, but so did the idea of going to the moon. This innovation will soon change the world in a very big way. BTW, i would happily pay twice the price of my car if i had to in order to have this feature, and i think a lot of other people would say the same.
Thomas S 09/13/2012
This is huge. Ford better be in talks with Google. This is going to be a major systemic change once it gains momentum.
Roberto Oppedisano 09/01/2011
there half way there with adaptive cruise control park assist and all the other sensors like blis they just have to put it together