Searching car in parking using remote

Idea: feature can be provided in car remote to find the car in Parking area & a light can be provided on top of the car to blink when searching the vehicle using remote (Front & Back light blinking / horn sound also will help. But, light on top of the car will help to find easily when so may cars parked in rows in distance). Range for searching may be approx. 100 meter. (This range should not be provided for door open feature to avoid unintended door open by mistakenly pressed the remote key.) 
Reason: When I was in usa, it was difficult to remember where I parked the vehicle in office parking areas daily. This was same in Parking in shopping malls, Parking in streets in big cities, etc., If parked in more distance, it was not possible to find using door open / lock feature in remote.
Brett M 07/08/2014
I believe this flashing light idea is somewhat unreasonable especially if you are nowhere near your car. As seen in another convenience comment, internet integration should become part of the Microsoft Sync system. With internet integration, your Ford vehicle could communicate with an app on your cell phone to let you know where your vehicle is, allow you to lock and unlock your vehicle incase you forgot to lock it or if you locked your keys in it, let you know if you left your lights on, as well as other features such as remote start, automatically open all windows (and sun roof if equipped), and remind you when routine services should be attended to.