Search dealer inventories on

By Tim T.

I think Ford should help its dealers by allowing people to search, using different options on the website, for their perfect new or used Ford or Lincoln from Ford dot com, rather then checking out each dealer website individually. That would be a big help. Instead of Ford dot com telling consumers about the vehicle, they can help us locate it.
Joseph S 01/10/2014
Ford already has exactly such a site but it isn't publicly available.  I have used the site and it is fantastic.  You can find all dealers within a specific local, search for vehicles, colors and options, see the single or multiple dealer lot inventory and what they have on order.  If you see one you like you can see the actual window sticker.  How great is that?

I had access to the site and used it find the exact 2011 Explorer I wanted.  It was instrumental in my choice.  Without it I might be driving a Surburan today.

I can't list the url here but I'm sure that someone at Ford knows exactly what I am talking about.  Ford should make the site availabe to everyone.