Save time and money

By Tim W.

There's a protective finish that won't leave you guessing as to whether or not you got the best, for the dollar spent.
This is very cost effective and is permanent. Difficult as you might think, this is based solely on common sense.
Spray on finishes can be removed.
Waxing anything so you can do it all over again, when the finish on your vehicle turns dull is the biggest waste of time and money.
Millions of business in the Automotive Industry and around the world use wax products, simply because that is what they were taught, yet at the same time businesses do not use wax because of the ingredients in the product.
The finish I am speaking of is the only one of it's kind in this entire country, and never having to wax again.  Bird droppings won't stain this finish.
Everything The Department of Highways throws on the roadways during winter including sand, salt and deicer will not scathe this finish. 
Having thought as to the location of this finish would be directly after the vehicles come off the assembly line, and before they get parked awaiting shipping orders. 
New employment will happen creating millions of new jobs that have "a hands on" approach in training.