Do you remember what the K-car did for Chrysler back in the day. I can remember when most retires bought a Cadillac or a Ford Crown Victoria or a Mercury Grand Marquis. With the feeling most older people don't need or want all the electronics why not come up with what you will call the S-car (s for simple) v-6 with a v-8 option-bench seat front and back or optional bucket seats-CD player and radio-no power or optional power windows,mirrors,seats. The less clutter on the dash area the better. Have a simple automatic trans only.Sizw should be between a full a mid size sedan. Don't need all kinds of body styles. Just tweek the Crown Vic and Grand Marquis bodys. You get the idea but make sure you have a full size spare. What do you think?
I don't agree with Daniel. In this day and age of communications, text messaging and GPS, cars need to be able to allow people communicate, yet do it safely without killing themselves or someone else. Just yesterday, there was a head on collision, because some woman was reading a text on her phone, hit the curb - which sent the car flying into the other lane, hitting another car head on. All in a few seconds! Both driver are in critical condition. Cell Phones are a new hazzard and people aren't willing to stop their cars from using them. We need ideas to solves problems, they have to be easy solutions and we need it now.