Right seat option with Navigation

Currently some features are disabled on the Nav system when the vehicle is in motion.  I would like to see a right seat option included in the Nav system.  By that, I mean the when I have a passenger in the seat beside me, that they would be able to input addresses or whatever while the vehicle is in motion.  Seat activated, like the seat belt warning, or button on right side of dash by glove compartment to disable the motion sensor.  Something far enough away from the driver so it can't be activated by while alone.
Todd B 10/08/2014
This is a great idea!! The function could easily be tied to the "Air Bag" on/off sensor. When someone is in the seat they will be allowed to enter and address withought distracting the driver. This is my number one complaint with my 2014 Explorer.
John C 02/27/2014
Yes, this is a very needed feature. Just put a warning like garmin does.