Right hand drive transit,

By Gail N.

Please consider making a right hand drive transit for mail carriers. Jeep is the only one making right hand drive and their gas mileage sucks,
Martin L 01/05/2013
Dear ford, I need an explorer with no back seat, just flat, a heater that can melt glass,. A huge window with manual cranks,4x4, a tractor diesel engine for mileage (not the vehicle diesels with poor mileage, swear I won't tell), a tranny you cannot kill paired with Dana 60s all around, strobe lights built in, winch that can be moved for or aft,good radio,and some kind of dog vapper? You make Rhd for other markets, we are in need here for a simple,quality built rig as rural carriers are very hard on equipment. No one is taking this serious, but we put our lives in danger everyday, and need, that is need,need,need a well built purpose built delivery vehicle. But alas I am certain this will probably fall on deaf ears, so will go back and continue on with my 1994 Cherokee death trap. How about polling some carriers, that might actually make sense, make what we need by asking us. I love my F150 and the wife loves her focus for its ease of use. Thanks