Reverse lights

I have a suggestion that may once again bring Ford out in front of the
competition. I have been a Ford owner since 1989, having had several F250's and Explorers. I currently own two of each. I have found through all these years, that I have always had to install accessory rear backup lights. It seems that trucks get little lighting when it comes to backing up, and with adding caps, or utilizing trailers, it is difficult to see where you are going. In taking my own survey, I have noticed a lot of truck owners have had to add additional back up lighting to theirs as well, on all makes and models. Is there some way that Ford could possibly install factory lighting into their truck rear bumpers or enlarge the current reverse lights to thrown more light (candlepower)? I'm sure this could be done one of two ways, either when the vehicle is placed into reverse, or adding a toggle switch as an auxiliary light system. Lastly, thank you for all your years of improving on a product that has made my life easier..The Ford F250. 
Marcus I 03/03/2014
Ford puts reverse lights closer to the minimum candlepower value to save on cost, and owners can easily install high intensity lights in the reverse. Ford can hardly plan for every third-party cap and cover people may put on their trucks. They use market research and consumer averages to estimate the best compromise between bright enough to see and too bright/too costly.