Return of a smaller truck

By Dave T.

Hey Ford, Let's bring back the Ford Explorer Sport Trac, or something similar. I have an '03 and love it but can't trade it in on a new one as there aren't any. Or maybe convert the Edge to an Edge Trac? A vehicle similar to what the Sport Trac was. A 4 wheel drive capable unit that seats 4 and has a bed to carry stuff! Let's get with it and not lose this market to foriegn manufacturers!
Amy F 07/28/2014
I miss my Sport Trac so badly!!! It was the perfect truck!!  I'm in an SUV now and missing my truck.  Nissan makes a vehicle similar, but Ford is where it's at.  Please bring back the Sport Trac!!!
Robert 10/18/2013
I use to own a 2005 Trac. I loved it and have regretted trading it every day. I now have a 2013 Edge and its a nice car but its not a Trac. I promise if you bring it back and let me load it with toys like the Edge I will buy one. Be sure to make it towable capable behind a motor home.
Ed 10/15/2013
I'm begging for it!  In the same boat with my 2003 Sport Trac.  it's been perfect!- Just the right size.  I traded in a 2003 F-150 for it.- Great features I want to keep in a new vehicle:  -- Power rear window opening/vent function  -- Keypad door locks so don't need keys or fob to get back in  -- Mud/dirt resistant interior  -- Seats 4 comfortably  -- Short bed (and therefore shorter truck)- Features I'd like to add  -- Ford Sync  -- EcoboostIt looks like the Ford Global Ranger is close.  Bring a gas version to the USA including the above features.
Angela T 10/02/2013
I agree! I didn't realize the Explorer Sport Trac existed until after I bought my car. I would Love to own a Explorer Sport Trac! Please bring it back. My car is only a year old and I would definitely consider trading it in for a new Explorer Sport Trac.