Retractable Key

The key for the 2013 Mustang V6 Premium is massive, measuring in at over 3.5", and it feels like an awl in one's pocket. Suggestion: please create a key (at least an optional accessory) that's retractable. VW's keys for the Beetle are retractable, with the "blade" part hidden in the fob until a button is pushed. Then it pops out like a switchblade. Much nicer in the pocket.
David F 12/29/2012
Are you really complaning about a key not feeling comfortable in your pocket?
I drove a Mazda and a Chevy who both have the "switchblade" style key, not only is it bigger and wider, it looks chape and trendy. When I first read this question: "measuring in at over 3.5 inches" I couldn't help imagine it in a sarcastic voice. this isn't a BMW or a Prius with a magic key. This is a key that you need to turn. Forget the key chain, worry about how the key feels when you insert it into the ignition turn it to start the vehicle.
gary b 12/17/2012