remote window operation

for the design team... we have key-less entry remotes we have trunk remotes we have remote alarms,remote start and stop ...... why not a remote to put your car windows up?! I hate running out in rain or snow to put the windows up!! Especially when you live in an apartment building on the second or third or higher floor! I'll bet that others would love to have this too!! not everyone is in a single level household with a 2 car garage ! also think of the OLDER generation, the handicapped, this would be a blessing to them! my mom, who is partially handicapped would love this! she wouldn't have to call someone to do it for her or try to get outside in bad weather.
my teenager actually thought of this idea! he was the one that ran out in the rain to put up TWO sets of car windows!

i don't know how many times living here in Michigan that i have gone into a store or something left my driver's window cracked because of it being warm out and gotten into the store shopping and heard thunder! Thinking oh great! I left my window open! or being at home unloading the groceries trying to beat the snow, sleet, rain, and gotten upstairs to look at my car and see my driver's window still cracked open and had to put my coat shoes back on to run back out to the car!

I can pop the trunk, start the car, defrost the windows, mirrors, lock the car unlock the car but, can't put up a window!

also i work in health care with the elderly in their homes i can't count the number of times that i have gone into a clients home with it bright and sunny (Michigan......wait 5 minutes and the weather will change ) only to have to run out to put up my driver's window! and how many times i have LOCKED AND ALARMED MY CAR while the window was open!!!

thanks for reading this !