Remote window operation

By Dave G.

we already have remote start, remote trunk release, ect.... Well I have on many occasions had to run out durring a nasty rain storm to then get my interior soaked to apply power to roll up my windows. If my Idea were a funtion on the already existing remote then I would simply touch a button and sensors would react to any window open and close it automatically. a remote ap for the touch screen phones of today would be nice too.
Michael S 02/27/2013
I just submitted this idea today too.

On top of having that functionality in the key fob and a wireless phone app that can send the command to your car to roll up all windows and moonroof, it would be awesome if you could park the car and set the car to 'rain' mode, where if you know there's a chance of rain, the car will sense for a predetermined amount of time (1hr, 4hrs, 8hrs, etc..) whether it starts raining or not. Just like the technology is already there for the wipers... just extend it to the windows and moonroof.