Remote Start via App

By Mike C.

Since you now have a Sync app, it would be great if a car is equipped with a remote starter, if you could start the vehicle via an app. Most remote starters are great in driveways, but at your place of work they are too far away.
Patrick G 08/28/2012
I would really like this! I am sad to say I am looking at other dealers that have this capability. I have purchased 6 Ford cars/SUVs and this is the only feature that is making me look at other options. Living in Phoenix, AZ a remote start is a must have in the summer months.
Ray F 07/31/2012
I don't care how they do it... I live in SoCal and I think it would be awesome if I can be at the mall and start my car 15 minutes before I head out and have the AC running so that by the time I get there it is comfortable and ready for me and my family.
Michael L 07/25/2012
but how it that going to work when everything relies in your phone, and your phone won't be synced until you are within a short distance of the car anyway. the only way to make that work would be to put a cellular connection in the car like on star