Remote Start temperature buttons

When you remote start your car, the temperature is set to the last temp set prior to turning the car off.  If you don't set it correctly the prior drive, when you start your car in the morning the thermostat may be off, or still on cold when you want hot.  I think you should add heat and AC buttons to the remote start, so when you start your car, you can also hit either heat or A/C to give the car a general temperature for when you get in.  This idea will be perfect for people that forget to set the temp prior to turning off the car, or people that live in an area where you might be using A/C during the day, but want heat in the morning due to temperature chage, or vice versa.
Jason Branam
Don 02/21/2014
Read your manual. My car says it can either be automatic climate control settings if I have it set that way or last used when the car was turned off.
JOHN C 01/25/2014
That's what the cabin temperture sensor is for. Heating or cooling depending on the cabin temperture.