Reinforced Front Bed Rail With Attachment Points

By Jan R.

I would like to see the front bed rails on pick ups reinforced to be stronger, and have attachment points for whinching or securing loads. I have never seen a work truck that had a straight rail yet. Mine is bent forward rubbing the cab from my quad and tractor rolling into it, and in other spots bent back where I attached a come along to it trying to get a log splitter in. It would be nice to have recessed attachment points for pulling in loads but still not getting in the way and scratching cargo. I dont always have help loading heavy objects, so I slide them up ramps. I almost had a chipper land on top of me once because there was no spot to attach a winch. Even a bar that runs the width of the bed under the rail that I could get a strap looped around would work. As long as it has some strength to it. Im no engineer, but I would guess a 500 pound limit would be enough.