rear heated seats

the front heated seats are offered heated, why are the rear seats not? the rear occupants should be able to have the same 'luxury" of heated and or cooled seats too...
John H 12/28/2013
I have them on my Lincoln Mkx and my son thinks they are great. I hope they make them at least an option on more vehicles.
Isaac J 01/12/2013
The Taurus Limited and SHO has it. But I agree. Especially considering how expensive Fords can get fully loaded. Heated rear seats should be at least optional on every model.
David L 01/07/2013
The option exists but usually only found on Lincoln models, though there may be some Limited models of Taurus that have it.
Kathryn M 01/07/2013
I have been wondering the exact same thing! I have a 2012 Ford Edge and will be trading it in hopefully for the 2014 at the end of this year.....I would like to heated rear seats for my kids and other passengers. Its cold in Ohio and the heating vents aren't that great for the rear passengers in this car. Heated seats would be great!