Rear Center Console

By Doug S.

I just bought a 2013 Explorer LImited and found out that the rear bucket seats cannot have a rear console added after delivery from the factory. I now have a back seating area that is void of an option that is desperately needed. There is no arm rest what so ever for my two teenage boys while riding in the back. This needs to be an option that can be added by any customer simply by visiting the dealer.
Brett Seversen 08/26/2013
I installed one this weekend on our new 2013 Explorer. It is a whole assembly and was easy to install. It only comes with 2 bolts for the front and you use the existing 2 from the floor cover, over the mounting bracket. The part number is 8F9Z-74044D34-AB and listsfor$240 dollars. Now the wife is happy. 
Robert C 08/03/2013
I agree 100% now that it is availiable on the 2014 owners of previous versions should be able to pick one up for a reasonable price.
Eric L 07/19/2013
I agree. I have not been able to get a good answer from Ford. A $100 option from the factory, but no way of adding it!!!! Very poor planning/design. Come on Ford you can do better than that! Eric L.