Rear camera

By John H.

I owned a 2011 Ford F350 1ton which I just loved but due to finances had to sell and buy an economic car. When I had the truck I was towing a 5th wheel. I liked the rear camera for showing me the position of my trailer hitch an the ease of backing up but would like to have had a camera on the back of the cab to help with hooking up to my 5th wheel hitch. Maybe a screen on the dash that showed a split picture so you can see the 5th wheel hitch and still see your distance from the 5th wheel. Mind you the back up sensors would probably be good enough for that. Still keep the back up camera but have the camera on the cab that you could switch over to.
Jeff F 01/13/2013
I also want the camera on the cab looking into the bed so I can watch my cargo while driving to make sure it remains secure. I would like to see this option available on all pickup models.
Andrew h 12/20/2012
Rear cameras add safety. Create a package to add cameras and the ability to switch between them in MFT.