re-introducing F100

To fill the vacancy left by the ranger,  I suggest that the F100 be offered again. With a lighter suspension, smaller tires and fuel effecient 6 cyl or small v8.
The f100 outsold the f150 when they were both offered.  Most pick up owners do not need the f150 which originally was a heavier 3/4 ton version of the f100.
Older pick up drivers can barely get into the f150s with out a stool and the capacity is wasted.  I think most pickup trucks are town drivin and actually used as trucks very little.  It is just nice to have when you need it.   Also the gm effort for a small truck failed badly and the dodge dakota is overpriced and it is still a dodge.
David S 07/15/2014
Great Idea, to offer a choice would be great because a small truck needs to be tough with the preception of being stronger than the rest of the competition. If you build it with the right power plant, they will buy it.
DONALD C 06/20/2014
Comment on this idea! I  think this would be a bold move.  Also you could let the F 100 retain the steel body instead of aluminum.