Ranger replacement

Offer a replacement for the Ford Ranger, as well as a crew cab version.
Wayne Hess 06/15/2014
I'm on my fourth Ranger: a 4X4 crew cab. My next vehicle will not be a Ford.  They don't make that size and the 150 is too big.A nearby multi-county park system maintains a large fleet of service vehicles.  Their preference was the Ranger. They, as well as a lot of other organizations, have gone to other makes/models out of necessity.Ford, you really screwed up when you dropped the Ranger!
John R 08/05/2013
There is no way I am going to buy a F150 - its too big.  I can't believe nobody is making a compact truck.  I have the money - doesn't anyone want it?
James N 07/10/2013
I have driven my 2000 ranger for 13 years now and would love to replace it with a crew cab ranger.  I like the Tacoma size but really want to stay with a Ford and dont need the f150 size and fuel economy. Please, please, please give us a new ranger with a crew cab option.  
Todd T 04/07/2013
I have been waiting for the Australia's Ranger to move over the the States.

I waited for a Bronco for too many years and ford lost me to a Jeep Wrangler.

The F150 has gotten to big for me. The new F150 is the size of the 2000 F250. Please stop chasing Dodge on the size. There is a reason that Toyota and Nissan still does well in selling the mid truck.
Donnie G 02/02/2013
I have owned a number of Fords- Truck and SUV but, I left when they got so big as to not be practical for getting two cars in the garage and my wife having a harder time parking.
I miss having a reasonable sized truck. I would live to buy an extended cab small truck with new fuel economy technology.
I want to haul myself and occasionally a couple of bags of sand and a board or two.

Not every man needs to "haul his house to the trees" as in the dodge ad.
scott strader 12/17/2011
The idea of a F100 is good. Toyota made big inroads with the Tundra before they made it so big. This brought alot of people to Toyota. A midsize truck with a crew cab or extended cab would fulfill a niche in the market and bring people to and back to Ford.
Brad Barefoot 10/24/2011
Maybe it's time to bring back the Ranchero. GM Markets a machine called the CTV in Australia. We could use the current Fusion platform with only 1 cap, extended and with the current Fusion options'
T Craig-P71CV 09/24/2011
I've seen other people commenting on that they should build the F100 which would be larger than the Ranger and smaller than the F150. Such a truck would be a good replacement. So an F100 would be a great addition to the F Series line up. Maybe they can call it the Ranger F100.