Ranger Idea #1

Instead of killing off the Ranger for the US market, how about redesigning it, giving it an EcoBoost engine, keeping it compact with some midsize configurations available and discontinuing the Sport Trac?
Blake Howe 06/10/2011
A mid-size F100 is a no brainer! Everyone who doesn't need the big F150 but still wants a truck will be inclined to buy one. It'd be perfect for small businesses who need a more efficient option.

The F100 name carries a lot of history with it, please bring it back.
Robert Todd 05/26/2011
I want the Ranger to stay the same size, not larger. there is enough larger ones already. Only one Ranger. I wish ford would keep it this way with modern engines and disks on all four. look on the internet at all the Ranger forums. there are more for the Ranger than all others combined. It may be an indication how popular the Ranger is just the wat it is,(size). I keep asking Henry to wake up and push his company in the right direction
Jeremy Gingerich 05/04/2011
IMHO, the Global Ranger is the near perfect pickup: 4 doors, mid-size, efficient torquey engine, Ford tough, MANUAL transmission, true 4x4, decent clearance, and good towing and hauling capacity for its size. Only drawback is the too short box. Please bring it Ford.
Michael McCarthy 04/18/2011
The 2012 "Global Ranger" is the solution we're all looking for! Unfortunately it's only available outside of North America. It comes in 3 differnet body styles covering the plain old 2 door to a 4 door crew-cab. Even cooler it's engine options include 2 different diesels. I'm guessing various emission issues are keeping this truck from reaching our shores. But now with the Sport Trac officially disscontinued and the US Ranger doomed how can Ford afford not to bring us this truck?! If it's introduced to the US as the F-100 it will not hurt the F-Series sales figures. I'm begging you Ford, bring us the F-100!
Brad 04/10/2011
discontinuing the sport trac would lead to luxury options in the ranger, which will bring up the overall price. people want a low price "get-er-done" pick up. that's the ford ranger. overall, yes the truck needs a new design but with a low price in mind. the E series is also too expensive. its cheaper to put a spacecap on a ranger.
Brian Langston 04/10/2011
Ranger fans, go to the you tube website and type in 2012 ranger wildtrak. Awesome looking vehicle available with a 3.2 liter engine and a 6 speed manual transmission, but not in the U.S.A. What a letdown Ford.
Robert Todd 04/10/2011
Lets start a save the Ranger Club. This is one of the best vehicles Ford has built in recent times. It is dated now but still everybody loves it. Just think what things would be like if the Ranger was up dated with the new Echo boost tecnoligy engines etc. Henry, please wisper in someone's ear to continue the Ranger. And if so, please don't let it get bigger.
Robert Todd 04/06/2011
Adding to my comment, I use a F-150 in my job. Great truck but it has grown into a monster. We still have a 1979 F150 and what a difference.
I will never replace my Ranger with a F-150 and please give us Ranger people the name of the Ford person that most people will opt for a Focus or a Fiesta when the Ranger is gone.
Robert Todd 04/06/2011
If Ford stops production of the Ranger, somebody else wil pick up the market. I hear one of the Japanese manufactures are going to reduce the size of their compact pick ups., maybe the Fronteer, but it sure won't replace my Ranger. I guess its just a dream to think about a new Ranger with direct injected, up to date V-6s and I-4s
David Matthews 04/05/2011
They wouldn't even have to redesign it. The rest of the world is getting an awesome looking new Ranger which for some reason wont be available here. I have heard it is too close in size to the f150. Which begs the question, why dont they kill the boring Sport Trac instead and give us the awesome new Ranger?
Nicholas Randio 03/31/2011
I feel very strongly about this one. My ranger is one of the toughest trucks on the road. When I want to buy a new truck though, I have no need for an F-150. A completely updated ranger is exactly what the American market needs. I hope ford can listen to this plea.
Keith Rowe 03/30/2011
I will totally agree with Chris on the singular point that Ford needs to stay in the Compact/mid-size P/U market here in the US. I have been looking to replace my 2001 Sport Trac with nothing in the Food dealership to replace it. I have zero need for a truck the size of an F-150. I do need however a compact crew cab. Reading several blogs out there on other automotive sites, it's obvious that I am not the only one with that need. I personally love my Sport Trac and would gladly buy a new one based on the new exployer, but if a Ranger crew cab was made available in the US like those already available in Thailand and other parts of the world, (including a diesel ) I'll take it....Ford my truck is 10 years old this summer and the clock is ticking...If you build it, they will come....