Ranger diesel in the US

I would really like to buy the Ford Ranger crew-cab diesel that is available in countires outside the US (Norway for instance - I just saw the truck on The Amazing Race).  I understand that Ranger sales cut into the more profitable F-150 sales, but I do not want a full-sized pickup truck and if the Ranger does not come back to the US, I may have to buy something like the Nissan.  I really really would like the diesel please.
Dennis B 11/05/2013
I also encountered the diesel Ranger in --- of all places - Jamaica.  They were super crews with 4-sp and autos, all-leather and a great looking truck, even if right-side drivers (blame that on England).  Just the right size for me.
L. Stephens 10/27/2013
Please bring back the Ranger. Put the money into the exterior to make it a sharp looking truck to be proud of. No stinking black plastic please. And no UN-necessary electronic gadgetry that raises the cost to the absurd limit.
Just a manly looking basic pickup. I do not want to buy the ugly Toyota small pickup or the Nissan. I have always bought Ford and currently own a F350. What is the plan with the rumoured F100?