Ranger 4x4 V6

Bring it back! My family & I have owned several rangers in the past, both 2WD & 4x4 models! They were awesome lil trucks! And there is nothing like it on the market today! Bring them back please!
John S 05/13/2014
I agree. The Ranger I have now is a 2002 and I'm still waiting for a new one.
Craig D 05/12/2014
Carrie, I couldn't agree more.  I have had 2 4X4 Rangers.  I currently have a 2003 with 190,000 miles on it and it runs like a top.  I'm not interested in an F-150 as they are much larger than the Ranger and would take up that much more room in my garage.  Bring back the Ranger!!!!