By John D.

Bring back the ford ranger !! what was ford thinking ? They gave the market to GM .Lots of people love that truck ,You can't find one for sale ,people love them
Liam R 01/03/2013
@Martin H The 2013 global ford ranger has a 3,436LB max payload, while the 2013 F-150 has a 3,120LB max payload. The global ranger can tow 7,700LBS, compared to the F-150's 11,100LBS. Also, that is a truck which is almost 2' shorter and 1' wider. That is a Substantial amount standing side-by-side. The Global Ranger also sports an extra inch of ground clearance. The ranger has nearly the capability the F-150 does, yet with a 15-20% increase in fuel economy, and also sports numerous off-road feature the F-150 doesn't see whatsoever.
I'd pay more money to get this truck.
Martin H 01/02/2013
Ranger not much smaller than F150.about 21" shorter in double cap and 8" narover.The answer would be F150 with Ford Duratorq 3.2L 5 cylinder turbo diesel or new V6 power stroke diesel 3.5 to 4liters.
With CAFE milage requirements it will come.