Bring the 2013 Ranger to the USA
Tom 12/28/2012
A new Ranger has to be a mid size. It was too small and F series are bigger than I need,. Must be available in 4wd (or AWD??). And needs better gas mileage!!
Matt B 12/11/2012
Give us the new Ranger
Lawrence W 12/05/2012
I'm not a fan of the Ranger because it isn't very practical and the gas mileage is horrific for such a small truck. I chose the 2012 F-150 Super Crew because it has a very roomy cab and we use it for road trips and it can seat six people. Even with the highly rated 5.0 Coyote engine it get far better gas mileage thaan the Ranger. In my opinion the Ranger simply isn't worth the monry unless you buy it as a throw away vehicle. I would rather not see it come back to the USA.
ruth balbony 12/01/2012
I belong to a local union. As you know, the unions stongly support american made vehicals. I am a woman in a mans trade and drive a KIA.. it dosnt sit well with my fellow brothers. I used to always drive a Ford.. I have had 3 rangers and I loved them. the cost of owning a Ford these days seems astronomical. I would love to be sitting in a Ranger.
Ruth 12/01/2012
I agree. I loved my three rangers. i was forced to buy a vehical I hate... I would buy a ranger..................................
Richard P 11/30/2012
The F 150 is just too big for our needs. Have a Ranger (98) and it is getting near replacement time. Do not want to have to buy a Toy.