If y'all are goin to discontinue the ranger just because more people bought the f-150 ecoboost. Why not just put and ecoboost in a ranger? If y'all do i assure you that sales will GO UP because people might want the power of a v6 in an i4 or power of a v8 in a v6 . Please ford, it hurts me that ford is doing this.. A lot of people love these rangers. Why are y'all doing this to the people? Also the sales most likely went down because of the economy. My father had a ranger, It lasted for a little over 300,000 miles and haha every mornin it was our alarm clock because it was so loud.(no he didnt do anythin with the muffler, it was something that needed replaced i cant remember). It was a 1989 XL 2 door supercab. Lets just say Rangers have ran in my family for a long time. Ford please think about this.. If y'all add modern features like new technologies to them like navigation and all people will buy them. PLEASE , im a man and lovve my good old american trucks. DONT make me have to buy a toyota...
Mal 08/22/2012
The new ranger could easily be Ford's answer to the Tacoma....Ford really needs to start thinking outside the box
Glynn R 08/19/2012
Ford you need to re-evaulate who decides what cars will sell. I think they get it totally wrong. Same grill on every car, same styling for every car and nothing exciting like Europe has. I can't tell the difference between the Edge and the Explorer. Fiesta and Focus. The prototype Ranger and Bronco were awesome. So was the Explorer. What's a matter with you guys?
Phillip R 08/14/2012
Bring over the Ranger that everyone else has and name it the F-100?
Justin L 08/02/2012
Yes bring back the "Ranger" just name it the F100 to keep it in the F Series line so we can bunch the sales up together to keep it at number 1! It's a winning situation for everyone.
Justin L 08/02/2012
Yes bring back the "Ranger" just name it the F100 to keep it in the F Series line so we can bunch the sales up together to keep it at number 1! It's a winning situation for everyone.
Clint B 08/01/2012
I was so upset when I heard they were gonna kill it! Ive owned 4! i just kept buying newer ones! I love these trucks! I currently have a 2004 stepside (another thing Im upset about, no more stepsides!) I bought new with 143,000 miles on it currently and use it as a daily driver, a show truck in local car shows and even at Nopi, to tow my landscaping trailer, and to tow the boat to the lake! I dont have room for an F150. If they would do a new Ranger Id buy one tomorrow! Its like they are telling every Ranger owner "hey, we,ll sell ya a giant F150, or a Fiesta, or you can go Japanese!
samuel t 07/22/2012
Couldn't agree more, Ford don't even need to re-design the Ranger, because it has already been re-designed in Europe and Australia.. so why not bring the new one to the U.S? Some people only want a small pickup that gets the job done, to some people, an F-150 is just a bit too big for them.
Mark L 07/21/2012
I've owned two Rangers. My current 2001 Ranger XLT has 189,000 miles. So in a few years I'll be looking for a new truck. But I won't be looking at Ford. The F150 is just too big. So I'll look for a used Ranger or look at Chevy Colorado or the GMC Canyon small PU's.

I don't haul loads every day. My Ranger is a cheap to operate commuting vehicle that can be called upon to haul loads as a PU truck. I occaisionally haul my MC in the back of my Ranger, gardening stuff, lumber, all the usual weekend household hauling stuff. I can get a 4x8 sheet of plywood or drywall in the bed.

The"New" Ranger wouldn't be a good fit either. Its bigger than the old Ranger, and the bed is too small! I couldn't get my MC into the bed, or a 4x8 sheet of plywood. too much would hang off the back.

I think Ford made a mistake when they let the Ranger begin a slow death by not updating it. The buying public lost interest in it. Its a truck built on 1990's technolgy. So the buyers moved on to something more modern.

I want a small SMALL PU TRUCK. I'll find one at Chevy/GMC I suppose. You can be sure I WILL NOT BUY an F150. Its just too big to deal with. Nothing against the F150. I just don't need an oversize truck.

Mark Long
Gaithersburg, MD USA
Adam D 07/20/2012
Derek W 07/19/2012
Great idea I was thinking about that!
mit g 07/18/2012
i agree!
i don't want a f150 for in the city, update and keep the ranger