Ranchero come back

Bring back the Rachero. Base it off the Fusion. Offer FWD and AWD. V6 and ecoboost.
One piece bed and body. Offer all options as a regular Fusion. The F150 is too big. The Fusion based Ranchero would be just the right size. Hurry and get it made as I will need it to replace my 06 Fusion SEL V6 soon!
mike c 09/14/2012
Please bring back the Ranchero, the Falcon Ute has been sold forever in Australia and they love it. My Father has owned three different models in past years and enjoyed everyone.
Nelson M 09/10/2012
Check out the Falcon Ute from Ford Australia... It is already in production!
Rodney F 08/27/2012
I'd love to see the Ranchero, but the Fusion platform is overdone. Give it the original platform but a bit more rounded over for the 21st century.