Rainsensor Auto Up Windows and Sunroof

By John D.

The rain sensor built in most vehicles will remain on checking out for rain if you left any of your windows or sunroof down while away from your car. If rain is detected then the car will beep to warn possible occuipants in the car and windows and/or the sunroof go up automatically. The rainsensor would work at low power rate checking for water every so oftend. The car will brag about how it is self reliant with a quick message in the instrument cluster when the car is started. Optionally you are able receive text alerts from sync when this happens (ie: pet in vehicle).
Michael S 02/27/2013
If it really wanted to brag.. it should send an alert to the Weather Network or Environment Canada with it's GPS coords and timestamp so they can update the weather on the TV.

I would still like to see a phone app made so you can lock/unlock doors, open/close all windows/moonroof, check all fluid levels and tire pressure, remote start, check battery, vehicles codes, gas remaining, etc..

That would be sweet!
Matthew T 08/17/2012
This is a great idea, seeing i'm always running out to put my windows up when it's raining...it would be nice not to worry about it anymore.
Damien T 06/23/2012
You beat me too the punch. I thought of this the other day and I thought I had an original idea :(