The Auto Rain wipers should have a better timing system.  For owners like myself, that live in a state that requires headlights to be turned on while it is raining.  However, if its not raining profusely, the time requirements won't allow the headlights to kick on fast enough.  It would be nice to have a little more control on when the lights are to come on with the Wipers.
Roland F 04/12/2014
I have a 2014 Ford Escape Titanium with the 401a Technology package which includes Rain-Sensing Wipers. When I have the headlights and wipers in the "Auto" posistion, the headlights do not come on. If I move the wiper arm to "On", the headlights will come on after a short delay.

I think the "auto" headlights should come on with the wipers in "auto". My 2008 Milan would turn on the headlights when they were in "auto" and the wipers were in "intermittent".

It is possible to leave the wipers in "auto" and forget they are in that posistion. Drive through a car wash and find out you forgot to switch them off! If the headlghts came on, you'd be reminded the wipers were in "auto".