Rain Sensing Windshield Wipers?Headlights

Where are your rain sensing wipers? My 12 year old Mercedes has them. 12 years has past and never heard anything about Ford having them. Rain sensing wipers are common sense along with headlights.
The driver will turn on the wipers, but the sensors will figure out the pace. This should not be an option and should be standard.

Having headlights on while in rain is the law in California, even though you have automatic headlight, it won't work in the rain. So for CA residents to have this standard is a no process thinking, by adding all of these little things to your vehicles will increase your reputation and outlook of your company. Don't screw this one up and make it available for 2012 on all vehicles.
People here actually do receive citations for driving in rain without headlights being on!

Fog sensing headlights?
Daniil Shevchuk 09/22/2011
Rain Sensing wipers yes, I recently found out they have them. Headlights? Rain and fog sensing?
Michael Sakiewicz 09/18/2011
Ford does have them. Do your research before posting buddy!