Rain sensing windows when vehicle is off

This system automatically let up windows when there is an event of rain. Sometimes in the summer, persons may leave a crack in their windows to allow the interior to have circulation for their return to their vehicle. Sometimes one may leave their windows crack while the sun is out and then all at once the sky changes and then it rains. The system would send a signal to the car to automatically shut the windows and moon roofs. The vehicle will chirp once and then flash the lights until the windows power up. Once the windows are shut, the vehicle will chirp once more to confirm that the windows are shut.
Ivan V 07/01/2013
Actually, i wouldn't ever recomend you to leave windows open if you are not in near of the car, no matter what security sistem it has. Tho it's a good idea for sun/moonroof, just without all that beeping & flashing :)