Rain Sensing Moonroof / Window roll up

Similar to rain sensing wipers, functionality can be added to make the car detect when it starts raining and *auto* rolls up all windows and closes sunroof to prevent flooding during sudden downpours in the summer.

Many people leave windows down/roofs open to vent cars during summer, when quick torrential downpours can occur.

Ideally this could be a setting in the car accessed by the left steering wheel toggle/mykey settings.

Alternatively, Ford *COULD* introduce an APP for iPhone/Android/Bbberry much like *ahem* Chevy did to be able to perform basic remote functions to the car like lock/unlock doors, close/open all windows, vehicle status, fuel/fluid level checks, etc...

You'd think a car with Sync/MyFordtouch would have the capabilities to do this already?
Michael H 07/08/2014
I agree.
Floyd P 07/30/2013
You beat me to it! Excellent idea!
Thomas G 05/22/2013
Excellent idea.
Brian Rakestraw 04/09/2013
Completely agree! I long for the day I can use an app on my phone to control my cars functions! This could also be utilized with a Fords version of GMs onstar.
Brenda R 04/08/2013
What a great idea. If we have an "auto" button, we could just turn on that option and not worry about the sudden storms.