Rain Gutters-Vent Windows-rear wipers

By Mark P.

Two things I miss terribly on modern vehicles are rain gutters and vent windows. I understand these were removed due to styling, aerodynamics, and cost.
-Rain gutters- If you ever got into a vehicle that doesn't have rain gutters after a heavy snow knows that you end up with a seat full of snow when you open the door. Now when you drive in rain, the aerodynamics of the vehicle pushes the rain onto the side window instead of up and over, this would help with the side visibility during bad weather.
-Vent windows - a good old fashioned way of helping to defrost your windows and help cool down the vehicle without having to open the big windows. Actually a safety feature can be built in. Using the location of that pillar for the vent window, you can use that as a safety bar for roll-over protection and mount the sideview mirrors onto it too, making them closer to the driver, unlike today's side mirrors which are barely within reach of the operator. Simple and effective.
- Add a rear wiper for coupes, sedans and pickup truck windows.