Radio stays on even after door opens

By Ryan O.

I have a 2013 Ford Escape SE with just the MyFord system, not the Touch system, and many times the radio stays on even after I turned the car off and opened the door. The screen goes to a gray color and the radio station is displayed and keeps playing. It will not turn off until you close the door and press the 'Lock' button on the keyfob, pressing 'Lock' on the door will not make it turn off. It does not do this everytime but it's enough for me to worry sometime my battery may die.
Scott 01/28/2013
I seem to have this same issue on the Escape I just picked up on 1/24/13. Seems like they would fix them before selling more?
william w 12/29/2012
This is a problem. My 2013 did this. If you noticed it you could put the key back in jiggle it and it would go of . one day i did not notice it and it killed my batt,had to be jumped. took it to ford ticket said CAUSE 14D212 04 121101A REPROGRAM APIM .

"Matthew " T 12/29/2012
There were updates to fix this problem your dealer should be able to do this for you at no charge
Smith C 12/28/2012
Don't think it's supposed to work this way. Opening the door cuts off the radio in all of my Fords. Might have it checked.