Radio controls

We recently leased a Escape S.  Everything is good so far except the radio controls.  The way to tune in on a particular station seems to be overly complicated.  If I want to go from AM to FM there are way too many steps to accomplish the proceedure.  A radio dial and a knob to tune in on a station would be so much easier.
Srikanth C 04/22/2014
I have Ford Fusion and Chevy Cruze. My cell phone is connected to both. But whenever I get into Fusion, it takes a while to figure out how to connect my phone again where as cruze automatically connects the moment I am in car. Sync is so bad. Please get away from sync as soon as possible.
Mark P 04/21/2014
Absolutely, I hate the buttons and switches on new cars. The driver needs to take their eyes off the road to do anything in the vehicles.