Push to Start/Stop on 2013 Fusion Hybrid

By John S.

I'm planning on buying a 2013 Fusion Hybrid and was told in a "chat" session that the push to start/stop is NOT available on a Hybrid, even if I got the luxury package. I was told it was only available on the gas powered Titanium model. It should be available as a standard feature on the Hybrid, which already carries a premium price. It's unbelievable that it's not offered.
Ian C 08/18/2012
I have been waiting to purchase the fusion hybrid forever it seems like. I will reconsider purchasing it if I don't get the push button start/stop and keyless entry
don c 08/14/2012
Given that it's already a hybrid, I'm not sure start/stop is needed.
Laura S 08/13/2012
We are looking forward to the Fusion Hybrid. We like what John said about the push button start. Our VW has it and we love it. Can't wait to get our Fusion
Jason D 08/13/2012
Agree! This is a very well publicized car and will have a lot of support from loyal Ford owners. If you are willing to pay a premium you should have all of the premium features. The Camry hybrid has push button start; I hope Ford will do the same.