Push to Start for the 2013 Fusion Hybrid!

By Jeff T.

I am so saddened that the new 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid does not come in the Titanium level trim. This limits the features you can get and most of all the Push to Start is not available! This is like getting a 80 inch super thin TV that you cannot use a remote on. Please include this feature on the yet to be released Fusion Energi! Keeping you keys in your pocket or purse every time you get in and out of your car was a huge evolution in convenience for the automobile. A revolutionary step such as the Energi should not take a step back and not offer this option. PLEASE offer this!
Jeff T 02/14/2013
This was a good example of Ford listening to it's customers and Going Further! Thank you Ford for Adding the Titanium trim to the Fusion Hybrid and having it on the Energi. I can't wait to get my Energi Titanium!
Sara 11/19/2012
Oh WOW!!! I am so disappointed to hear there is no push button start on the 2013. I currently have a 2010 fusion hybrid with all the bells and whistles and I love it. I actually have an appt tomorrow to go talk to the same guy who sold the 2010 to me. I was really considering upgrading to the 2013 but after looking at what it offers versus what I currently have, I would be losing. I did read a report where in March 2013 they are supposed to add some of the titanium features to the hybrid. I really wish they would offer the same luxuries on all the cars not certain ones. The KIA is looking better and better to me.
Mayur A 10/10/2012
I was seriously considering 2013 Fusion Hybrid but when learned from dealer that push button start is not available for Hybrid, even at extra cost, it was a deal breaker for me. It makes no sense that Ford would put Push button start on non-hybrid Titanium trim and not in Hybrid. When Toyota introduced Prius iaround 1997 with a Push Button Start, people have come to expect push button start as a standard feature of a hybrid car. I hope Ford can correct this mistake soon and offer it on Fusion. It looks likes great car and I would really like to get it.
David R 09/26/2012
Have a 2013 fusion Hybrid on order. Dealer says to expect 10 weeks for delivery. Seems like a long toime for a customer order. would think one could be built and delivered in half that time.. the push to start would have been a nice addition but can live without it.
John S 09/25/2012
I've ordered a 2013 Fusion Hybrid and will be VERY disappointed if push-to-start is not included. I've seen multiple preview videos of 2013 Hybrids WITH push-to-start. Why remove something that's getting to be more common in cars that are not at the same level of technology as the 2013 Fusion Hybrid! If it was included on "preview" models, why not on the production versions? It's on the Lincoln MKZ!
Jim C 09/22/2012
I would like to know when the 2013 fusion hybrid will go on sale.
I am very disapointed that the push to start feature is not available as it is offered on the competition.
Jim Cooksey
John Griffin, 2012 Mustang owner 09/18/2012
I am very much interested as to when the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid will be available.