Push Button Start on Fusion

I understand some Ford vehicles do already have push button start.
The Fusion is a great car and personally I think push button start would be a great addition. Would you consider "Push Button Start" on the next model year Ford Fusion?
Emily Andrews 05/26/2014
I hope Ford doesn’t fall into the trap of forcing this ridiculous keyless/push-start ignition feature into all of its cars. An opt-in would be smarter for those foolish enough to want it. The technology is too dangerous long-term (vulnerable to the increase in code-grabbing, and inevitable hacking, loss of driver control, etc, most of these landmines making vehicles especially unsafe for female drivers). The keyless entry/push-start ignition is a deal breaker and makes me feel relieved I have such a reliable vehicle that I don’t need to buy another for a while.
Wake 08/15/2013
Ford and Chevy both are losing out big time for being so slow to bring features like push button start to their vehicles. I wanted a Gmc Suv but went with Infiniti instead because of the lack of pbs. Now I'm looking at Fusion but it looks like I will be buying something else since you can't get it with pbs for under 30K. I have had push button start and proximity lock/unlock for 7 years now and once you get it you can never go back, its the greatest feature ever. Really this feature has been out at least 7 years and its not available on every car now???
Kevin K 01/22/2013
I think having a key in a hybrid or EV is even MORE confusing...
I definitely want to get a Fusion Energi, and I want to have both push-button start and a tan ("Dune") interior. But it looks like I can't get push-button start on the SE model, and the Titanium, which has it, only comes with black interiors. Ford, please don't make me choose between these 2 features. Either offer push-button start on the SE Energi, or offer Dune interiors on the Titanium Energi.
Laurel 06/30/2012
I read about the 2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid and think it sounds super. Hubby and I decided to go sit in a 2012 Fusion Hybrid. I was shocked it didn't have push button start. If the 2013 doesn't have push button start, it is off my list.
0816 06/20/2012
I won't consider the 2013 Ford Fusion unless it has push button start and offers the titanium wheels on the hybrid. I was extremely excited about the Fusion until I learned the Titanium trim isn't available on the Hybrid. Hopefully my local Ford dealer doesn't know what they are doing and you will be offering the Titanium on the Hybrid.
Steve 05/27/2012
The new '13 Altima now has push button start on all models. Looks like '13 Fusion will only have it on the very expensive and limited interior color (black only)Titanium model. It would be wise to reconsider this feature for the SE now that more and more midsize rivals have it as standard.
Keith 01/21/2012
If the 2013 Fusion Hybrid has push button start and power is still as impressive as the 2012 Fusion Hybrid, I will buy it! Otherwise, I will buy another Camry Hybrid. I already own two Camry Hybrids that my daughters drive. My wife says it is a must in her next car.
Peter 12/30/2011
I hope you do your refresh soon, Dave. Keyless access and pushbutton start are two make-or-break features. It's the reason I picked the Altima in 2007, and it is the reason I won't be getting a 2012 Fusion :(

I really wanted to go with Ford, too.
Dave Bristel 06/10/2011
The Taurus and Fusion are already set for their next "refresh", so expect many new features to come to the Fusion and Taurus in the next two to three model years.
Brian Spiller 05/26/2011
I don't like push-button start. I still like having the key. The '11 Focus I have has a starting system that is like push-button start. You turn the key to start, and its just like having pushed a button.
I'm just not a fan of being shoved in the trunk while somebody steals the car.