Push button start for Fusion

I would like to see Ford incorporate a push button start system for the 2013 Fusion. It is a very convenient item and is used by most other companies. Having push button start is a very important feature and could influence whehter or not I purchase a 2013 Fusion Hybrid. Thanks.
John S 09/25/2012
I ordered a 2013 Fusion Hybrid and have seen push-to-start on several Hybrid videos, but it looks like it's NOT going to be included and/or available on the Hybrid. I'm VERY disappointed. The competition has that feature, even in cheaper and low-end cars.
James Huck 12/22/2011
From what I've read so far about the 2013 Fusion, it appears that Ford has decided to add push button start technology along with some additional upgrade features. Looking more and more like I'll be buying a 2013 Fusion next year.
Guest 11/02/2011
Lack of a push button start is the only reason why there's not a Fusion in my garage next to my wife's Lexus with push button start.