Purse storage

By Nola R.

leave me an open space between the two front seats to toss my purse.
I know i could open up the console - empty out all the junk in there and the trays - to put the purse into console but then would need a place for that junk.
If I toss purse into the other front seat (when there is no one sitting there) it often slides off onto the floor spilling contents.
if I put the purse under my legs in front of the seat it could slide forward - not good.
Michael S 02/27/2013
Put it in the trunk or the kangaroo pouch on the back of the drivers seat. Yes this involves opening the trunk or the back door. One extra step. Deal with it.

Please don't make this a 1st world problem :) I don't have a specific 'spot' to put my gym bag/laptop/bagged lunch either so...
Isaac J 01/02/2013
Every Ford has a place to put your things. You have the center armrest storage, little cubbies in the doors, as well as the glove box. I would recommend cleaning out your armrest, using the glove box, or downsizing to a smaller purse. You'd be surprised how a little cleaning and clutter downsizing can make a difference.