Pre-Placed Electric Jacks to Change Flat Tires

By Ilar M.

This idea involves the pre placement of 4 jacks, one for each tire. When you have a flat tire, you would simply press a button in the car to engage the jack you need to lift that section of the car where the tire needs changing.

This eliminates the need for onstar, or AAA service calls. This also eliminates the hassel of having to worry about finding your jack, placing it under the car and cranking it up while dodging traffic.

This is a concept that could be used for any car, SUV, or truck. As far as i know, this idea does not exist yet. I do not have a patent and would be willing to give the idea to Ford free if they would use it on their cars etc.

I beiieve that there are many people that can benefit greatly from this idea. I welcome your feedback.


Dumb idea dude!
Robert H 12/28/2012
Great idea but believe it would be costly but would like it.
J C 12/13/2012
These types of jacks have been on race cars for a long time. Putting a system on a production car would be very expensive and add a lot of weight. Many cars are going with no spare at all or with run flat tires. Meaning people aren't having to change tires much anymore. If you were going to call AAA for a flat I'm not sure the installed jack would make the difference as you still have to change the tire. So either you get out the jack, tire, lug wrench and change it or you call someone to do it for you.